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Pottery Wheel Intermeditate

(prerequisite Pottery Throwing Beginner) Fee: $165 (Prerequisite Pottery Throwing Beginner or show proficiency in the beginner skill set) 
This class will build on what the student already knows  

Wheel-thrown pottery lessons are offered at My Studio, Lovell, WY. This class is for anyone who wishes to experience the process of making clay pottery using an electric pottery wheel.  Classes are designed to help students with a variety of projects and techniques that will help them learn to make and appreciate quality pieces of hand thrown pottery. Classes are for beginner/intermediate students. 

    ▪    First-time students (no previous wheel throwing experience) should consider 
        enrolling for 2 months (8 classes) to acquire the basic skills needed to complete 
        a few (5-8) useful projects.
    ▪    Classes and Fees are listed as a one-month enrollment (4 class sessions), 
        meeting weekly for 1.5 hours.
    ▪    Make-up sessions for absences must be completed within the same month 
        enrolled (no carryovers to the next month).  If you enroll for 1 month of classes 
        you are given 4 classes within the same month.
    ▪    Class Fees are $165 (ages 16 - up) paid at the beginning of each month (4 
All Fees (payment for one month of classes-4 sessions) are due at the start of the first class meeting each month (cash, check or card). 
This fee includes: 
    -Personal instruction and demonstrations
    -Instructor’s care of each students work to ensure the best possible success of each project
    -All materials and tools used in working with the clay
    -Use of the wheels and studio equipment during the scheduled class time. 
    -25lbs of clay ( Additional clay can be purchased for an additional fee which includes the costs of firing and glazing.  
The small class size (max 2) allows for considerable one-on-one instruction. The average beginning student will produce 1 to 3 items their first month. Beginners are encouraged to take a second consecutive month class. After this initial introductory period continuing students will experience increased production and much improved quality.

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