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Painting Pottery is Easy!

Painting pottery is a fun and easy way to create personalized treasures.  We provide the tools, you provide the creativity.  

1. Choose and purchase a piece of pottery from our many designs

We stock a variety of beverage and dinnerware, home accents,

 kitchen and bathroom ware, vases, frames, flower pots, kids banks,

 boxes, figurines, plaques, tiles, pet bowls, holiday items, add ons and more.


2. Help yourself to our idea books, stamps, sponge shapes and a variety of brushes. 

If you  have your own design, bring it in and use our transfer paper to apply it to your piece and then paint it on.

Instructions, stamps, stencils and the use of our idea books are also included with your studio fee. 


3. Choose from over 60 colors to paint, dab, dot, stencil or brush onto your pottery piece.

Paint all day for the cost of your pottery selection. The price includes paint, glaze and firing.

4.  Your finished piece will have a clear glaze applied and fired in our kilns.  Pieces will be ready for pick-up in one week.


If you don’t finish in one visit, don’t worry. Return set-up fees are only $5.00-adults/$4.00-children. This fee is waived if a new project is started on your return visit.


Cost of Paint Your Own Pottery: 

Our large selection of pottery ranges from $8 and up. 

Studio fees are included in the price of your pottery project.

If you have a party or gathering and are looking for a fun activity-you may be interested in My Studio to Go

Finished pieces are food safe & lead free

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