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Jack and Jill Carpenter

My Studio is a family-owned business that specializes in bringing art, learning and creativity into your everyday life! Jack and Jill Carpenter opened the studio in the Fall of 2016.  It brings them joy to help others have a place to turn on their creativity switch and get their cogs turning. Helping others get fired up, provide a place for learning and unique experiences is what motivated the beginning of My Studio.


Walk-ins are always welcome! Reservations are accepted but not required.

Drop-in any time during business hours to Paint-Your-Own-Pottery, take Pottery lessons, Paint a masterpiece or test out your chef skills in one of our Cooking classes.  


Check out our monthly events. We offer reservations for classes, My Studio to Go and PartiesWe hope that as My Studio grows we can add fused glass, mosaics, stained glass, and more. 

We are located in Lovell, Wyoming. To contact us or get directions visit our
Contact page.

Sam Wright

Sam(antha) trained in London as a chef with Roux restaurants, at le Gamin, le Gavroche (a 3 Michelin star restaurant), Boucherie la Martine, the patisserie and Rothschild's Bank.  She ran a private catering company with clients including the BBC and Johnson and Johnson.  She later ran the executive kitchen for Brockbank-a Lloyd's of London syndicate-before moving to Wyoming to cook at a cow camp.  Although her training was in classic French cuisine, she enjoys cooking food from many different cultures and hopes to bring some fun cooking classes to My Studio.

Maci Lucht

Maci joins My Studio with an Associates of Art from Northwest College and is currently studying art education at Montana State University. While her favorite mediums are watercolor and oil paint-she has studied printmaking, drawing, color theory and a capstone in art from Northwest.  She was inspired to study art from her mother who was her art instructor through High School. She loves to share her passion for art through teaching and believes anyone can create artwork. 

Tessa Watson

My passion for Art compares to the feeling of a warm-cuddly blanket, wrapped around me on a cold day. I feel happy and safe; I can just create my Art and set everything else aside.


I started to really enjoy art, when I attended Lovell High School. Back then, my Art usually revolved around pencil, pastel and charcoal mediums. I continued to expand the variety my learning by taking art classes at Northwest College where I received an Associate’s degree in Art. Because I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with more art mediums in college, I now also enjoy diving into the worlds of watercolor, acrylic, and other mixed medias.


I have made the choice in life to let the artist inside of me take over; I love discovering what I will learn from each new adventure. In these adventures, I sometimes find that I can conquer a technique I haven’t been brave enough to try until then. Or I may feel accomplished because I blended some colors just right; which at times makes me feel like I’ve succeeded in my quest! I believe that creating Art should be an adventure. It becomes fun and rewarding when you let your creativity and imagination take over. Leave your fears, doubts, and worries at the door, and let yourself have some fun! So…come join me at My Studio for some adventures of your own.

Shelley McCracken

Shelley grew up in the kitchen with her mother!  She baked her first cake by herself when she was 7 and it was the beginning of a lifelong love of cooking.  She took every home economics class that was offered and became well known for her excellent dishes.  Shelley served in the United States Air Force for 20 years, retiring as a Captain.  When she retired, she used her GI Bill to attend the Montana State University Culinary Arts Program.  There she expanded her knowledge of cooking and presentation.  Shelley ran the After-school Program in Cowley, Wy for 10 years and as a part of the program, she taught Kindergarten through 8th grade students cooking techniques.  She also taught Date Night Cooking classes for the Lovell Recreation District.  Shelley loves all kinds of cooking from the basics to gourmet.  She has also lived in Germany and France and has experience with foreign cuisine.  She is excited to join My Studio and share her cooking skills with you.

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