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Closed for business starting
May 1, 2023


-a complete turn-key business 

for sale.


My Studio has been enjoyed by a strong customer base in the Big Horn Basin community for the last 6 years. This business model will add to any community.


What’s included:

Large inventory consisting of: 

Ready to paint CERAMICS, glazes, paint brushes, huge inventory of silk screens, large Skutt Kiln (model # KM-1227), kiln furniture, and training on how to operate the firing schedules.

WARM GLASS: Large glass inventory (COE 96), small craft kiln, slump molds (50+), cutters, nips, gloves, safety goggles.

IMPRESS ART: Jewelry making inventory: stamping hammers, texture hammers, stamps, fonts, bending tools, punches, and jewelry blanks.

ACRYLIC PAINTS: Brush sets used for classes, plus 20 new unused sets ready for retail, Gallons of paint, wood shapes, aprons and more.

CLAY: Stewart electric pottery wheel, large canvas project table, assortment of clay tools and sponges.

Square POS system with inventory loaded into system

Website and domains

Tables and Chairs (tables & chairs)

Training for you and your staff

Asking price $55,000 building not included.


Ready for relocation. 


Contact Jack 307-272-3070

or Jill 307-272-2319


without ART is just EH


We are a family-owned and operated art studio, in the great town of Lovell, WY. Learn more ....

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